Using OOUX in focus group settings

One of the key outputs of OOUX is the object map, which outlines the objects in the system, along with their relationships and attributes. While this can be valuable for product and engineering teams, during a recent project we wondered if it could also be used for user research.

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Maintaining team alignment with experience briefs

When it comes down to it, being a good designer requires much more than pushing pixels or learning the next interesting prototyping tool. You have to help your teams prioritize, reframe their problems, and stay aligned through the messy, thrilling process of creating something new. This makes the creative brief a small but incredibly powerful tool in your design arsenal.

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The persona character sheet

As with any good role-playing game, the character sheet helps to frame the main characteristics, motivations and intentions of your personas, in a way that's meaningful to the rest of the team. As my husband (a longtime D&D player) says, the character sheet "gives you all the information you need to know to act that character out… and tells the game master how they should treat your character."

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