I like to write things.

The best way I've found to reflect on what I've learned and retain knowledge is by writing about it. In addition to writing several books and video series for O'Reilly, I occasionally write articles for various publications. I also post things on Medium with some regularity. Want me to write something for your publication? Get in touch.

Storytelling as a UX Superpower

Stories are a fundamentally human way to connect, and are critical for moving meaningful work forward. Understanding the type and structure of the story you're telling is a secret to success.

Increase your design influence by understanding your organization’s decision-making style

In this post for athenahealth Design's Medium publication, I share a model called the Competing Values Framework (Cameron & Quinn, 2011) to help designers diagnose and navigate the different cultures we have to work within, and increase their influence within those cultures.

The Politics of Design Systems: Keeping Stakeholders and Team Members Invested through the Process.

Design systems require significant organizational effort. Its champions can follow these practical tips to gain buy-in and create a clear vision for its future.

Empathy in the Enterprise: Conferences as a Research Venue

I discuss pros/cons and best practices for using conferences as a research venue. Based on my experiences both doing research for Pegasystems during our annual sales conference, and on the year and a half I spent studying Drupal contributors at sprints and conferences across the world for my Master's thesis.

Inside Axure: Transitioning a team from comps to interactive prototypes

I shared lessons learned from working with designers at Harvard Business Review to move away from wide-screen comps to interactive and adaptive Axure prototypes.