I like to write things.

The best way I've found to reflect on what I've learned and retain knowledge is by writing about it. In addition to writing several books and video series for O'Reilly, I occasionally write articles for various publications. I also post things on Medium with some regularity. Want me to write something for your publication? Get in touch.

Learning UX Fundamentals

In this 3-hour video course for O'Reilly, I break down the fundamentals of UX design, from basic human factors principles to conducting effective research to information architecture and design. This course is great for absolute beginners to the UX field.

Designing with Empathy

In this 3-hour video course for O'Reilly, I take a deep dive into cultivating empathy in the design process. In addition to the basics of user research, I cover different ways to present research findings, discuss case studies, and talk about how to bring empathy for users throughout your organization. This course is best for people who have been in the field for a while, but want to better understand how to bring user insight into their work on a regular cadence.

Talking Drupal #61

I stopped into the Talking Drupal podcast to talk about what it means to be a UX designer, and how my work has evolved over the years. I also took some time to promote Design 4 Drupal Camp, and to discuss a fun IA research project I worked on at the Bentley User Experience Center.

Drupal for Designers

This book is a compilation of three short guides—Planning Drupal Projects, Design and Prototyping for Drupal, and Drupal Development Tricks for Designers—plus exclusive "director’s material." If you’re familiar with HTML and CSS, but struggling with Drupal’s learning curve, this is the book you’ve been looking for. Note: this book is focused on Drupal 7.

Creating a sustainable strategy for prioritizing product-wide design debt

In this article, I lay out the approach I helped Collector create for diagnosing, cataloging and managing UX Debt throughout the product.