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In addition to writing articles and books, I also share lessons learned via conference presentations, webinars and the like. I've spoken at multiple Drupalcons, published video series and webinars for O'Reilly Media, and frequently make the rounds at UX events. You can see some of my more recent presentations below. If you want me to speak at your event, let's chat.

Increasing design influence by adapting your voice to your organization's decision-making style

Simply understanding what your product’s users are dealing with isn’t enough. To make truly great products, you need to understand how people, organizations, systems and content play together. In this presentation, we’ll focus on some ways to help understand the organizational context you’re working within, and to adjust your approach to increase your success within those organizations.

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Snackwalls Podcast: Putting in the Work

Dani has found that finding diverse talent is possible if you put in sufficient effort. Recently she created a role canvas to define the ideal candidate for an open position. Then she worked on finding people with the skills, experience, and mindset that matched this role. If a hiring manager expects recruiters to provide resumes based on a generic job description, you will not find diverse talent. Studies have shown the women and POC candidates often wont apply to jobs because they don't think they qualify or have sufficient skills.

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Storytelling as a UX Superpower

Stories are a fundamentally human way to connect, and are critical for moving meaningful work forward. Understanding the type and structure of the story you're telling is a secret to success.

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Mapping complex workflows to gain cross-product alignment

In this case study, Dani Nordin and Janna Dupree, of athenahealth and Nuance, discuss how they used cross-product research and experience mapping to bring alignment to teams across two flagship product lines.

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The Politics of Design Systems

In this session, I make the case that creating a company-wide design system is an organizational change effort, and provide practical tips and guidance for how you can prevent your efforts from getting derailed.

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