Think. Make. Share.

In addition to writing articles and books, I also share lessons learned via conference presentations, webinars and the like. I've spoken at multiple Drupalcons, published video series and webinars for O'Reilly Media, and frequently make the rounds at UX events. You can see some of my more recent presentations below. If you want me to speak at your event, let's chat.

Lean, Collaborative Usability Testing

In this session, I outline the process I first developed at Harvard Business to bring user-centered design practices into an Agile product team. You'll learn techniques to rapidly benchmark your user experience, test and report findings , and align stakeholders on critical usability issues.

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Engaging UX and Design Drupal Contributors

In this core conversation at Drupalcon, I discuss the need to include more designers and UX contributors in the Drupal project, and facilitate an open discussion with members of the community.

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How to make Dilly Beans

Because I'm a homesteading nerd, I made a tutorial video a while back on how to make Dilly Beans, a classic New England pickle. I highly suggest making them on a midsummer weekend.

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