Design leadership at athenahealth

As Experience Lead within Orders and Results, I manage the design team responsible for core ordering and task management workflows within the Clinicals EHR product. I also partner with my Engineering, Product and Patient Safety Leads to help shape the design vision and product roadmap. Prior to joining Clinicals, I spent a year working as the zone lead for Claims Readiness, where I focused on pre-claim activities for the Collector product.

The details

  1. Kicked off and oversaw an effort to improve the experience of surgeons and other specialists who need to switch their time between clinic and acute care settings. The resulting work, which included discovery, design and architecture enhancements, and a longer-term vision scenario, galvanized teams across two separate product initiatives.
  2. Support teams in framing longer-term initiatives into meaningful slices of work for sequencing. Provide mentoring, facilitation and lean frameworks for documenting and defining problems and hypotheses.
  3. Worked with Product Manager and Product Analytics partners to help define and communicate product strategy for Claims Readiness workflows within the core Ambulatory product. Combined foundational research with product analytics and design thinking activities (service blueprints, problem statements) to help frame potential opportunities. The resulting North Star document helped lay a foundation for the product's long-term strategy.
  4. In Collector, worked with a design lead from the Hospital Clinicals product to map the end-to-end process of ordering, dispensing and billing for medications. The resulting research led to adjustments in the Clinicals roadmap to address critical user pain points that impacted both clinician and revenue cycle users.


Creating a design strategy for high volume proceduralists

Working with Product and Engineering partners, I oversaw an initiative to lay out a design strategy and feature roadmap for improving the experience of high-volume specialty clients. The resulting experience vision helped inform a 3-5 year business plan and roadmap for Ortho clients.

Strategy for Pre-Claim Workflows

I worked with a cross-functional team to map out a strategy for pre-claim workflows in our ambulatory Collector product. In the process, I introduced teams to new frameworks for conducting, synthesizing and visualizing research.

Unpacking DNFB for small hospital clients

Using a variety of research and design thinking methods, I worked with our teams to frame key design problems. I also facilitated planning discussions and created a series of artifacts that helped shape the zone's understanding of our users.

Establishing a strategy for tackling UX Debt

Working alongside the development teams and other UX leads, I helped create and socialize a new strategy for cataloguing and addressing Design Debt across the Collector product.
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