Design strategy at athenahealth

As UX Zone Lead within Claims Readiness, I partner with the Engineering and Product Leads to understand the needs of our revenue cycle clients, and help shape the design vision for several core workflows within the Collector product.

The details

  1. Collaborate with product management and engineering leads within Claims Readiness to determine product strategy and prioritization in the long- and short-term.
  2. Support and guide the work of scrum designers within the product area.
  3. Created documentation and templates for the Design organization's experience measurement and definition tools to accelerate user research activities.
  4. Led an initiative within the Collector product to define a strategy for identifying, cataloging, and addressing UX debt, and socialized it throughout the R&D organization. Worked with another designer to create customized JIRA dashboards for tracking UX Debt issues.
  5. Conducted a persona character sheet workshop to create a standardized set of persona archetypes for use across Collector Design.


Mapping the end-to-end medication workflow

I worked with designers from athenaClinicals to understand the end-to-end trip a medication takes, from ordering to administration to billing. Insights from the exercise led to shifts in the product roadmap that will improve the experience on both ends of the experience.

Unpacking DNFB for small hospital clients

Using a variety of research and design thinking methods, I worked with our teams to frame key design problems. I also facilitated planning discussions and created a series of artifacts that helped shape the zone's understanding of our users.

Creating context and mindset-driven personas

I worked with our scrum designers to move away from narrow role-driven personas to a mindset-driven model that worked across roles and jobs to be done.

Establishing a strategy for tackling UX Debt

Working alongside the development teams and other UX leads, I helped create and socialize a new strategy for cataloguing and addressing Design Debt across the Collector product.
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