Facilitating UX & front-end contribution within the Drupal community

Since 2008, I've been actively involved in the Drupal community as a voice for design, UX and front-end development. In addition to co-organizing Boston's Design 4 Drupal Camp until 2016, I've worked hard to help the community find consensus on UX and front-end development issues, and to recognize contributions to the project that go beyond code commits.

The details

My role in the community has largely revolved around strategy, facilitation, writing, and organizing. Here's just a few of the things I've done:


Vision for User Profiles

As part of the overall strategy for the Drupal Community Tools Team, I created a vision and initial prototypes of the new Drupal.org user profile.

Sketches of Drupal User Profile

Based on the vision we established for the user profile, I created a handful of sketches before prototyping in Axure. I then solicited feedback from the community via social media and the Drupal.org issue queue.

Design 4 Drupal 2014

For 5 years, I was a key organizer for Boston's Design 4 Drupal Camp, and lead organizer from 2013-2016.

Drupal Contributor Experience Cycle

To better visualize what I was learning in my thesis research, part of the UX Strategy for Drupal Community Tools was a UX Cycle for contributors to Drupal.

Workbench user flow

As one of my first contributions to the Drupal project, I worked with the team behind the Workbench module to create user flows for common types of publishing workflows.

Austin Consensus Banana

During the contribution sprints at Drupalcon Austin, I helped to facilitate a brainstorming session among front-end contributors to Drupal Core that lead to the creation of the Classy Theme, among other innovations.
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