Leading user-centered design at Pega Digital

The Digital team at Pegasystems creates, maintains and continuously improves the global websites that help people learn, build with, sell and buy Pega applications. Over the course of 2.5 years, I've built a core team of UX professionals, raised the profile of UX throughout our Digital organization, and launched some pretty cool stuff.

The details

I was hired in 2015 to build a UX practice for the Digital group. Our team works to improve Pega's 5+ global web properties through regular user feedback, rapid prototyping, and a unified design system. We also work regulary on research and development for strategic projects, including the implementation of Single Signon across all Pega's websites and applications, and the creation of a special web-based tool to help project leaders assess the skills and training of Pega professionals. In the time I've been at Pega, I've

  • Oversaw the effort to design federated single sign on and registration across all Pega websites, including much of the initial design work. Upon launch, new registrations increased by 15%, while account-related customer service calls reduced by almost 50%.
  • Evangelized and oversaw the creation of the Bolt Digital Design System, which is currently being rolled out across two of Pega's flagship websites, Pega.com and the Pega Discovery Network (PDN).
  • Led the effort to redesign Pega's community functionality and migrate the Product Support community from an internal server to the Pega Discovery Network (PDN). Since moving to the new space, traffic to the Support community continues to grow, and the Global Support Team saved over $1,000,000 in 2016.
  • Grown the UX team from a single designer to 5+ UX professionals with expertise in design, front-end development, information architecture, product management and user research.
  • Regularly consulted with executives across the organization, including those at the C-level, to demonstrate how user-centered principles impact strategically important Digital projects.
  • Instituted regular user feedback and validation via usability testing, monthly user feedback surveys and interview studies.


Bolt Digital Design System

I spearheaded the initiative to create a comprehensive Digital Design System, currently being rolled out across two of Pega's flagship websites. I currently serve as Product Owner, and manage the Design System team.

Cross-site signon and registration

I oversaw the UX design, did early prototyping, and wrote the microcopy for a unified signon and registration across Pega digital assets.

Product visioning for Pega Discovery Network

Working with a cross-functional team, I helped us create a product vision for the new Pega Discovery Network (PDN) that helped us balance short-term deliverables with a long-term strategic vision.
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