Design Strategy

Chicago Camps Winter: Practical Design Strategy

January 28, 2023
UX Winter Camp, Chicago Camps
Conference Talk
Full talk at Chicago Camps

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) are a rapidly growing segment of the US healthcare ecosystem, enabling providers to perform same-day outpatient procedures in a safe and cost-effective environment outside the hospital setting. In 2018, ~5700 ASCs performed 23 million outpatient procedures and generated $35 billion in revenue. However, Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are clunky and ill-suited to the needs of these centers, causing many ASCs to turn to paper charts scanned into the EHR.

In 2021, a Product Lead and UX Lead were tasked to define a purpose-built ASC solution that enabled our clients to document surgical cases within the ASC, seamlessly sharing information between the patient’s surgical chart and their clinic chart. Through collaborative site visits, service blueprinting, and interviews, we:

In this presentation, we will share the process we went through to arrive at a successful, human-centered product vision and roadmap. We will also share lessons learned, such as:

Expect to leave the presentation with a few new tricks up your sleeve, some interesting lessons on stakeholder management, and a bit more information about surgery coordination than you thought you’d ever need.