UX strategy and leadership for digital products

With the continuing prevalence of digital omnichannel experiences and other buzzwords, your product team needs several things to get it right:

  • A deep understanding of your customers' needs, and how meeting those needs can help you achieve your business goals;
  • A process that lets the team create thoughtful, effective design at speed and scale;
  • The ability to work alongside engineers, stakeholders, and the C-level, providing insight and context to guide design discussions.

My name is Dani. I can help you with that. Check out some of my work below.

On the blog

Reflections after writing a "user manual"

Last year, prompted by some organizational shifts that found me with a new team and new product/engineering partners, I decided to create my own "user manual" as part of the transition. In this post, I'll share some reflections on the process and some tips for making one yourself.