Object Oriented UX

Tackling the Beast of EHR Complexity with OOUX

February 9, 2023
OOUX Happy Hour
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The domain of Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) is arguably one of the most complex on the planet. It's renowned for it's horrific UX — many doctors and healthcare providers choose to retire early rather than learn to use them. Sophia's dad, a pediatrician, hired an assistant for the sole purpose of translating his paper notes into his practice's EHR system.

EHRs done right have the potential to revolutionize healthcare — if better connections can be made between objects like PATIENT, CONDITION, DIAGNOSIS, DRUG, and TREATMENT PLAN (to name a few). An OOUX'ed EHR could improve care, reduce costs, and surface life-saving insights.

athenahealth has been leveraging OOUX since around 2016 to solve some of their biggest data and UX problems. Last year, we heard from Maria Garcia on the OOUX work happening within athenahealth on the medical billing side (Watch her Happy Hour!).

Now, it's time to dig into how OOUX is helping wrangle the incredible complexity of EHRs.

Dani Nordin, Product Design Architect, and Liza Richardson, Clinical Content Senior Manager, will showcase the ways they have used the OOUX process through a handful of high-visibility projects within the Clinicals Electronic Health Record (EHR). Highlights include: