Making things that people want to use. One team at a time.

Over the past 20 years, I've designed and built logos, websites and marketing materials. I've spoken on stages, written a few books, taught courses on UX and design, and helped teams improve their digital experiences. Since 2014, I've focused my energy on helping organizations establish, build and mature their UX practice. Sound interesting? Let's chat.

Design leadership at athenahealth

As the UX Architect for athenaClinicals, I help product leadership and teams unpack the most gnarly, complex problems facing Clinicals in the future, and figure out what we should do about them. Prior to this role, I also served as a UX Zone Lead within a few zones across the organization, managing product designers and leading UX strategy for complex ordering and clinical administrative workflows, as well as complex billing workflows.

Leading user-centered design at Pega Digital

The Digital team at Pegasystems creates, maintains and continuously improves the global websites that help people learn, build with, sell and buy Pega applications. Over the course of 2.5 years, I built a core team of UX professionals, raised the profile of UX throughout the company's Digital organization, and launched some pretty cool stuff.

Establishing a UX practice at Harvard Business Review

When Harvard Business Review re-launched with a new, responsive design, they created a series of user-centric tenets that they needed help living up to. They brought me in to help them establish a UX practice and make UX improvements to the website.

Graduate work in design strategy and innovation

During my graduate studies in Bentley University's Human Factors program, I augmented my decade-long experience in visual and web design with coursework in research, design strategy, leadership and innovation.

Facilitating UX & front-end contribution within the Drupal community

Since 2008, I've been actively involved in the Drupal community as a voice for design, UX and front-end development. In addition to co-organizing Boston's Design 4 Drupal Camp until 2016, I've worked hard to help the community find consensus on UX and front-end development issues, and to recognize contributions to the project that go beyond code commits.